30 x 48

Oil & recycled engine oil on canvas.



Aramazd is a the largest of my Armenian mountains range and like its smaller counterpart Aragats I struggled.  I began this piece in my studio in the country and moved it to my studio in the city trying to pull the pieces in my mind together.

I once again realized I was fighting what the painting needed to be and of course not being true to my self. Each work is a learning experience and each piece leads us to where we are going as an artist. We evolve with the art and gain with each brush stroke the confidence to paint who we are and what we truly see and not what we believe we need to be.

It was an arduous process but one well worth the anguish when It was finally completed I really felt ready to take the next step in my art. If the painting was willing to allow me of course.

I am reminded of Edgar Degas who is quoted as saying;

“Art is easy when you dont know how, but very difficult when you do.”

Edgar Degas

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