30 x 36

Oil & recycled engine oil on canvas.



Aragats is a testament in transformation. As I began this piece, I had something entirely different in mind. I struggled and pushed to get the painting to be, what I wanted it to be. To be what I was imagining in my head. I eventually realized that I was not yet ready to paint the piece I was trying to create. I took a step back and waited for the canvas to reveal itself.  Once I let go I realized that I needed to do much more experimenting and exploring to expand and achieve what I was looking for. As soon as I stopped going against what the canvas was  (or who I was in that moment) Aragats was completed.

As in the case of its sibling canvas Urasar and Aramazd (which I will show next) Aragats was completed in April of 2017 and was named after a mountain in Armenia.

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