Mininig Ler_12x12_canvas


12 x 12

Oil & recycled engine oil on Canvas.



I am writing many of these post in retrospective which is interesting because it is making me look back, explore and remind myself where I was when I created the piece. I spent most of 2016 and 2017 trying to develop something that I have in my head. It is an itch of an idea, one that I simply could not reach.

When I began Mi-ni-nig, I reached for a canvas that I had already began. A canvas I had started with something entirely different in mind that was just sitting there. It had a line across it and it just spoke to me. Something about this line, that I had put down over my Christmas holidays made me feel like this piece could get me closer to what I was looking for.

When I picked up the canvas, already partly started, it was one of the first warm spring days of the year and I was sitting in my home studio in the city looking out the windows. People were pouring out into the sunshine. Movement and vibrant colours inspired me to expand my pallet and quicken my movements and strokes.

This little painting was such a joy to create and it set me on the path that I wanted to take for my work.

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