Red Tide


Red Tide

6 x 8

Oil & recycled engine oil on wood board.


This painting began as a study. I was trying to find a way to speed up my process since many of my pieces can take months to complete. Not only because of my actual process but also due to the amount of time I spent contemplating and meditating about a piece.

When I came to Red Tide, I opted for a wood panel over canvas. I was hoping that the oils would absorb quicker into the material and cut down on some of the drying time between layers. I also tried very hard to let go and let what I had done in the past dictate what I was doing in the moment. Basically I applied what I had learned about myself as an artist.

This painting came together in less than a month which is remarkable for me. However, it was not the speed at which this one came together that makes it special but what it means for me as an artist. It gave me a glimpse of what I have to offer as an artist…

Once I let go a little a that is.


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