Artists Statement


I am always searching and reaching for something more in my art. Isn’t that what life is? A constant search, an exploration and desire to find more? I believe, this is how art,  in itself, is life.  

For me it is a constant search to find a way to connect with people, create, and engage.  I want to create what many artists want to create. A dialogue with the viewer.

I don’t however want to control this conversation. I do not want to tell my viewer what to see. I want the painting to serve as mirror, telling a story. I want this story to happen organically.  like echos of the life before it. The painting  will say something different to each viewer or each viewer will engage in a different dialogue with the same piece because it will become a reflection of them. Like light refracting through a prism.

Everything can affect this because art is like a mirror. Every person has a different outlook on life, a different mood at any given moment. Anything can change the way we look at things. The night before, a new day, the weather, the way one enters the gallery, even the second before one steps in front of a painting, can change ones perception of a piece. This is what I love. This makes me feel like the art itself is alive. When in reality are alive. We can project ourselves onto the art bringing it to life.