Artists Statement


I am always searching. Always reaching for something more in my art. Always striving, I guess. Isn’t that what life is? A constant search, an exploration and desire to find more? Get further? I believe, this is how life,  in itself, is art.  

For me it is a constant search to find a way to connect with people, create, and engage.  I want to create what many artists want to create. A dialogue with the viewer.

I don’t however want to control the conversation. I do not want to tell my viewer what to see. I want the painting to serve as mirror, telling a story. and I want this story to happen organically.  The painting  will say something different to each viewer or each viewer will engage in a different dialogue with the same piece because it will become a reflection of them.

Everything can affect this because art is like a mirror. Every person has a different outlook on life, a different mood at any given moment. Anything can change the way we look at things. The night before, a new day, the weather, the way they enter the gallery, even the second before someone steps in front of a painting, can change ones perception of a piece. This is what I love. This makes me feel like the art is itself alive, when in reality it is us that are alive and we can project this onto the art and bring it to life.