Artist Statement


Art is a constant search. A way to find out more. Wether you are the artist or the viewer, I think art has a way of showing you a truth about yourself. Great art can even evolve and grow with you. A piece can make you feel something one day and years later become something entirely different.  An artist can paint one way at the beginning and transform completely over the years. I believe, this is how art,  in itself, is alive. How art is itself, life.


and yes … this life is complicated, yet when I paint this complication disappears. All the elements, the paint, the brushes the knives the surface, everything just falls into place. It all just makes sense. There is peace and I want my art to convey this peace. 

My paintings are essentially a series of stains and smears. They can seem aggressive and harsh, yet when the piece comes together it has a feeling of serenity. This is how I see life. Life can be harsh and difficult. We work, we hurt, we get angry, yet we accomplish, we love and we can forgive. It is a beautiful gift to be able to see life so positively and art allows me to do so. 


My work is not literal. It must be delved into and explored. The layers and textures must be peeled apart, chiseled away in much the same way a sculptor would work to reveal a piece. In a way, the individual that truly takes the time to read a piece, honestly allows their mind to open, just enough to see; can become the artist themselves.

Similar to light refracting through a prism the angle you approach the piece from will ultimately affect the way you see it. People have a different outlooks on life and evolve through the years.  Anything can change the way we look at a piece. From the way we wake up to the passage of years the same piece can tell a different story from one viewing to another.  This is what I love. This makes me feel like the art itself is alive. When in reality we are alive. We are projecting ourselves onto the art bringing it to life.

I live to dream…



2300 Victoria
Lachine, Quebec H8S 1Z3
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