I was  near the end of painting my summit series when life took a bad turn. It came out of nowhere. I was heading into a part of my life where all my hopes were lining up, and chaos hit. Nothing made sense. I felt like the univers had gone into a speeding spin. I lost a lot during this time, including some of the summit series. I also learned from this period of my life. When everything hits at once, it is hard to do anything, but you have to look up and take the next right step. 

I put away my oils and canvases. Large bulky heavy materials and drawing on my inspiration from Chinese art once again, I picked up ink and paper. Ink is so black and staining yet light and fluid seemed to match my feelings. I let loose. I let my body paint. I let my arms move without me. I  let go and let the movement of the spin take me. 

As time went on I reached for my oils once again and began to incorporate acrylics even oils on the surface of the paper. Art has a way of healing and revealing and this series is a representation of grief and a coming of age of sorts. 

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