Zari Kazandjian is a Canadian artist of Armenian decent currently living and working in Montreal, Canada. Encouraged by her parents, she began painting and drawing at a very young age. While she never considered a career in the arts, she decided to take her bachelor degree in art history at Mcgill university and continued her education by training as a graphic designer. Still the pull of her first love was too great and she soon returned to her paintings

Zari works with textures and stains. She begins with “smears” of diluted paint and sometimes recycled engine oils. Through carefully calculated chaos she creates a dialogue. A conversation of sorts, that triggers the imagination of her viewer. Her canvases are reflections of the viewers imagination.  Her canvas acts as a mirror that reflects your deep inner thoughts back to you. 

“Art is like a mirror, wether you are the artist or the viewer you can see yourself on the surface. You project your thoughts and emotions and transform the piece into what it is you are or what it is that you are feeling in that given moment.

It becomes what you want to see. It becomes what you want it to be. Your mood, your values, your history all of your being come together to reveal something different to each individual.  

The same piece can be happy and hopeful to one person and desperately sad to another. It is unrelenting and honest. As all true art should be.”

Zari Kazandjian